R&D Solutions Fund 2022

R&D Solutions Fund 2022



The University of Plymouth (UoP) R&D Solutions Fund is a research and development (R&D) grant funded by the University. The aim is to bring different people together to develop R&D opportunities, with a particular emphasis on international collaborations, through funding initial research activities or the provision of specialist technical support to businesses and academics.

For queries, please contact [email protected]

The fund responds to the need to develop new products and services for existing and emerging markets nationally and internationally, where the research intensity of our university can accelerate that innovation process. The University of Plymouth is committed to supporting our business community to create a vibrant and dynamic economy and help industry overcome barriers to growth. Our aim is to foster industrial partnerships with relatively small, but impactful and valued, interventions in the first instance to “solve an initial business problem”. Ultimately the provision of financial support is to enable this problem solving to happen, to encourage matched funded collaborations and aid the deepening of new or existing relationships that result in longer-term, mutually beneficial, and successful collaborations.


Grants of up to £10,000 can fund new, or deepen existing, collaborations between the University and business, that address a specific business need or opportunity. This could include feasibility studies, proof of concept, prototyping and commercial development. It is open to all sectors and all research disciplines

Eligible activities include:

  • Academic research time (including replacement teaching costs) to focus on a specificopportunity or challenge to a business.
  • Research time of the business partner. This would reimburse time spent on the project.
  • Access to specialist University facilities or equipment.


  • The Awards Panel is seeking applications from either UoP academics or industry where a strong collaboration is proposed between the two parties.
  • R&D proposals must demonstrate how they will deliver benefits to the business partner.
  • The Awards Panel would like to see applications with the potential for further ongoingcollaboration between the partners on the project.
  • Applications are up to a maximum of £10,000 and to not exceed 12 months until projectcompletion.
  • Matched funding and applications from international collaborations are actively encouraged.


The fund will be promoted via one call:

  • Monday 28th February to 5.00pm Monday 25th April

All applicants to initially register their interest via Enterprise Solutions by contacting [email protected] or 0800 562 5600

All eligible enquiries will be issued an application form and invited to submit it within the designated timeframe of the calls.

Completed applications to be submitted to [email protected] by:

  • 5pm on Monday 25th April 2022
    All completed applications will be submitted to the Awards Panel for consideration.

The successful applicants are requested to complete the offer letter no later than Monday 13th June 2022.


The University will establish an Awards Panel made up of University staff and external experts to assess all applications. The role of the panel is to appraise applications and agree awards.

Offer letters to the business will be drafted by University of Plymouth. All ongoing contract management will be the responsibility of University of Plymouth. The business will act as the contract holder and beneficiary.

Payments to the applicant will be made by the University of Plymouth on receipt of confirmation by Enterprise Solutions, Research & Innovation Directorate. Payments will be via BACS return and undertaken within 5 working days of University of Plymouth confirmation of payment. Payments can be made at any point during the project.