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At Applied Genomics, we come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problems in ecological assessment. Our motivation for developing our services has come from decades of real-world experience as professional marine and terrestrial ecologists.


We’re interested in how to best support your projects whilst balancing the needs of the natural environment. This requires an in-depth understanding of local biodiversity and of rare or inconspicuous species.

Environmental DNA analysis enhances your current ecological survey capabilities by enabling us to detect and characterise organisms across a broad range of taxa, more quickly and cost-effectively.

Our team is an extension of yours. We have developed simple and practical environmental sampling kits which enable you to collect consistent and representative environmental samples.


Focus / Mission

Our mission at Applied Genomics is to build a better understanding of where the wild things are. Given that we can only manage what we can measure, we understand the need for a comprehensive, rapid and reliable means to account for the state of biodiversity and for accurate insight into how it is affected by environmental pressures.


Products / Services

We provide environmental DNA analysis services for:

  • biodiversity monitoring,
  • environmental impact assessment,
  • biosecurity surveillance,
  • threatened species detection
    and much more.


Our solutions have been designed to suit local to landscape-scale assessments in marine, aquatic and terrestrial environments. Our approach is proven to be cost-effective, non-invasive, rapid, robust and achieves significantly improved insights for ecological assessments with molecular accuracy.

Every project presents its own challenges for environmental management. We are the experts in designing real-world solutions to support your intended outcomes. Contact us today to see what solutions we can develop for you.

how to find us

by car

We are approximately 2 minute drive away from Brixham town centre.

by train

We are approximately 45 min taxi ride from Newton Abbot Train Station.

by air

We are approximately one hours drive away from Exeter Airport.